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Smart Surveillance Platform P300

Material EPO + Carbon fiber composites Wingspan 1.8M
Length 1.07M Standard Take off Weight 3.75KG
Navigation Satellite GPS,BeiDou,GLONASS Power Electric
Flight Speed 60km/h Maximum Endurance 90min
Maximum Flying Range 80km Max Transmitting Distance 15km
Wind Resistance Level 5 Takeoff Mode Hand throwing automatic takeoff without remote control
Landing Mode Automatic downhill, automatic parachute landing Accuracy of Parachute Landing CEP≯20m
Max Service Ceiling Up to 6,000 m above sea level Maximum Hand Throwing Altitude Up to 4,500 m above sea level
Deployment Time Expand≤5min,Withdraw≤10min
Surveying Module
Camera Type SONY DSC-RX1R II Sensor Size Full Frame(35.9*24mm)
Effective Size 4200 Million(7952*5304) Lens 35mm Fixed-focus
GSD 2cm @ 150m Flight Alititude 150m-1500m
Oblique Moudle
Camera Type SONY QX1*2 Number of Cameras 4
Tilt Angel 32° Sensor Size 1 inch (13.2×8.8mm)
Effective Size 1500 Million(4800×3200)×4 Lens 7.7mm(24mm format equivalent)
Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Module
Detector Type Uncooled infrared focal plane Image Resolution 640*512
Effective Size 32 Million Sensor Size 10.88×8.704mm
Lens 13mm Fixed-focus Thermal Sensitivity 50mk@f/1.0
Ground Station hardware Configuration
CPU i7 6700 RAM DDR4 8G
Hard Disdk SSD 256G Graphics Card GT×1050Ti 4G
Display 15 Inches Resolution 1024×768
Structural Structure 2U high portable integrated structure
Automatic Tracking Antenna
Antenna Gain 14dB Stabilization Double Axis
Rotation Speed 10°/S Control Precision
Positioning Accuracy 2m
Ground Integrated Equipment Box Interface
HDMI 1 RJ45 1
USB 3 Serial Port 1
Power Input Interface 1 Power Output Interface 1

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